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December 7, 20210
Five Reasons To Shop Local in Teesside This Christmas

Teesside is fantastic all year round, but thanks to a range of brilliant independent businesses, it’s particularly fantastic at Christmas. So, in today’s blog, we’ll explore the top five reasons to shop locally this festive period, starting with the Teesside economy.

1. Boost the Teesside economy

Countless studies have shown that money spent locally stays local, so splashing the cash in Teesside this Christmas is a great way to boost the regional economy.

This is because small business owners are much more likely to spend their money in Teesside, as opposed to multi-national businesses where profits are sent straight out the area, often down south or to a different country altogether. The bottom line is by shopping with independent, local businesses results in more money staying in the community and benefits more Teessiders in the process.

2. Help the environment

Rather than shipping products around the world, keeping it Teesside means cutting out the middle man, and his emissions. This reduces your carbon footprint because you can simply go to a local shop rather than getting something delivered from much further afield.

3. We have the best stuff!

Not only can you save the environment and boost the local economy by keeping it Teesside this Christmas, but you can also bag a loved one something really special.

From quirky local art at Smoggie Art to extraordinary plants at WILD – The Plant Shop in Norton, as well as limited edition, tongue in cheek pieces by Turtledust, shopping with independent Teesside businesses means you get the highest quality items and something with a bit more personality.

You can get 10% off products from WILD and Smoggie Art, and 20% off at Turtledust, with your Independent Teesside card.

4. A better shopping experience

Chances are, if somebody’s opened a shop or business, they’re pretty passionate and knowledgeable about what they’re selling.

Take Hartlepotz, for example, who’s ceramic experts are super-friendly, informed, and happy to offer advice to customers. They run lots of amazing workshops throughout the year and sell handmade, personalised items that are perfect for Christmas.

Visiting a local, physical shop also means that you’re able to connect face-to-face with local business-owners. This brings with it its own benefits and an increased sense of community with your purchase.

You won’t forget a trip to Hartlepotz, or any local business for that matter, which can’t be said when shopping with a faceless corporation. You can also get 15% off at Hartlepotz when you flash your Independent Teesside card.

5. Support local people

Even if you don’t save the high street by shopping with smaller local businesses this Christmas, you might save a job or two or even put a smile on someone’s face. Whether it’s the owner, delivery driver, or the shop assistant, you’re doing your bit to support local people in one way or another when you support local businesses.

And if you’re struggling to find places in the area to buy from, head over to the Independent Teesside website for everything from gifts to buy to places to eat, local experiences, and more.

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