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October 15, 20210
The Very Best Burgers in Teesside


Everybody loves a burger, and we’ve got some absolute beauties here in the mighty Teesside. So, let’s take a look at the best burgers in Boro and beyond, starting with Sticky Fingers.


1. Sticky Fingers


With locations in both Stockton and Middlesbrough, Sticky Fingers serves up delicious food, fantastic cocktails and beers, and the best independent music in the area. Oh, and live sports!

But we’re here for burgers, and Sticky Fingers has some of the best in the biz.

Every dish is ingeniously named after rock legends, from “The Patti Smith” to “Chee-Zee Top”, and each burger is beautifully crafted and absolutely delicious. And the support acts, or sides, are top-tier, too.

You can also get 10% discount on Sticky Fingers food every single day with the Independent Teesside Card, so, what are you waiting for?


2. The Open Jar – Norton


Located on Norton High Street, The Open Jar is a firm favourite with burger lovers.

While they’re known for their massive range of parmos, they also have beef burgers, cheeseburgers, and a southern fried chicken burger that puts the colonel to shame. You can add lots of tasty extras from bacon to pulled pork and cheese sauce, and if you’re extra hungry, you can even add an extra patty.

You can get 15% off burgers at The Open Jar every single day when you brandish your Independent Teesside Card.


3. Burger Ding


DING is owned by three Hartlepool-born friends who became famous during the pandemic for their mouth-watering mince in a bun burger takeaway service.

They now do pop-ups all around Teesside where they provide an eclectic mix of incredible burger dishes. From The Korean-inspired “Thiccc Ding” to the “Hair of The Ding” (essentially a fry-up in a bun), and more, this is a truly special business with some of the best burgers you’re likely to find anywhere. They also offer scintillating sides to make your mouth water.


4. The Copper Kettle


Over to Hartlepool next, and the much-loved family-run bistro, The Copper Kettle. They know their way around a breakfast at The Copper Kettle, but if you’re in the mood for burgers, they don’t disappoint.

For the meat lovers, you can opt for the Copper Kettle Burger, which is made up of a homemade beef patty, burger cheese, streaky bacon, a fried egg, burger dressing, and salad, along with a generous portion of skin-on fries and purple slaw.

And for the veggies, The Beet Burger is a homemade beetroot and chickpea patty with Mediterranean spices, halloumi, beetroot houmous, salad, and once again, skin-on fries and purple slaw on the side. They also have vegan and gluten-free options available with vegan cheese instead of halloumi.

The Copper Kettle is dog-friendly which is an added bonus, and with the Independent Teesside Card, you can get 10% off your favourite burger, every single day.


5. Cafe Bela


Nestled in the depths of Billingham at the Belasis Business Park, we have a bit of a hidden gem with Café Bela.

They’ve got everything you love to see from a Teesside eatery, from mince and dumplings to handmade cupcakes, quiches, and parmos, but it’s their burgers that put them into a league of their own.

Fresh ingredients, super-delicious combinations, and incredibly creative presentation come together for some highly Instagrammable and tasty burger dishes, so treat yourself (and your social media followers!) today.

You can also get 15% off food every day at Café Bela with your Independent Teesside Card, so you really have no excuse, to be honest.

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