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September 1, 20220

We recently caught up with Ben & Kelda who own the What Planet Are You On refill store to find out a little more about them.


What did you want to be growing up?

Ben – I was very undecided growing up as to what I wanted to be. When I was young I switched between anything that sounded cool like a bulldozer driver or a fireman. It wasn’t until my last year of school that I decided on going into the military.

Kelda – Growing up I had a passion for horses and I knew I would work with them.


What did you do before opening your shop?

Ben – Before opening the shop I was in the 1st Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment for about 9 years and before that, I worked in a pub.

Kelda – After school, I went to college to study equine management. This was to prepare me for my 10-year career working with horses as a groom.


What inspired you to start your own eco-friendly shop?

The closest Zero waste shop to us at the time was 17 miles away, which wouldn’t be sustainable to travel to all the time. This led us to the idea of starting our own.


What’s the most satisfying thing about running your shop?

Having new customers come in unsure of where to start their eco journey and within weeks they come back to make more and more eco switches.


What piece of advice would you give someone who is interested in eco-friendly living but unsure where to start?

Start small! Don’t try to change your home life at once as all the small changes make a real difference if we all do them.


What’s your favourite product which you sell?

Our Fill cleaning products. Because everytime you refill a bottle you save buying a new plastic one.


What’s your favourite film or book?

Ben – No one film jumps out but i love anything futuristic or sci-fi

Kelda – Independence Day


What’s your favourite thing about living in Teesside?

The beach definitely. We live within walking distance of Skinningrove so we are always down there.


What’s your favourite thing to do when you’re not working?

It sounds cleshay but we love going for long walks down the beach.


Where is your favourite place to eat/drink out in Teesside?

Our favorite place to eat is Alessi’s in Saltburn and then we enjoy a few drinks in Saltburn’s independent bars.


What are your favourite things to cook at home?

Chilli con carne made with our organic sunflower mince.


What’s your favourite song?

Bring Me The Horizon is our favorite band, it’s hard to pick one song.


If you won the lottery what’s the first thing you would do?

We would like to buy some land and rewild it and also live self-sufficiently from the land.


Tell us an interesting fact about yourself.

Ben – I ate my first grape this year and it was actually really nice.

Kelda – If I got to choose my last meal on earth it would have to be beans on toast.


You can find What Planet Are You On at 48 Westgate in Guisborough and you can also enjoy 10% off with an Independent Teesside Card.

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